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NEVER Trust This Site

No, I don't want Gator's accurate time program. Now stop asking!
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Have you come across the annoying pop-up, from the Gator Corporation (Evil! Eeeeeeeeeeevil!!!), which asks you if you want to install their "precision date and time manager"? You know, the one which will make all those pop-up ads appear on your computer? I've come across it at least two dozen times while browsing the web, and each time I have to make sure to click "cancel". One of these days though, I'm worried that I might accidentally click "install", and will have to spend the next two weeks beating this insidious program off of my computer.

Now, on the little window where the cancel button is, there is a little check box which says "Always trust content from this site." I propose that a "Never trust content from this site" should also be added as an option, so certain companies which I know to be untrustworthy will never have another opportunity to install their software on my computer.

Overpanic, Oct 31 2003

Adaware ... The Slayer of Gator http://www.lavasoft...m/support/download/
just a helpful link [Letsbuildafort, Oct 05 2004]

What I use to get rid of "scumware" http://www.pcworld..../0,fid,22262,00.asp
No ads or begging for the "full-featured version" [Klaatu, Oct 05 2004]


       i've never come across this once
Mind_Boggle, Oct 31 2003

       Well fine, but is that any reason to fishbone it? I believe you're better suited to the "N/A" category.
Overpanic, Oct 31 2003

       This is baked by every firewall that will block content from certain domains.   

       If you are using Microsoft's browser, there are Security settings to handle this. I recommend turning off all ActiveX and JavaScript for your "Internet" zone, which will prevent this as well as much more insidious things.   

       It also breaks a bunch of web sites, but you can fix them by adding that site to your "Trusted Sites" zone using the same dialog. Alternately, leave your Internet zone alone, and add the troublesome domains to your "Restricted Sites" zone.   

       Double click where it says "Internet" on the bottom edge of your browser window to see the dialog where all this is done.
krelnik, Oct 31 2003

       MS Explorer for Mac is smart enough to remember if you reject content twice for a given site.
Don Quixote, Oct 31 2003

       As an alternative, if you can determine the exact hostname being used for the attempted download, editing the hosts file can make that host completely disappear.
supercat, Oct 31 2003

       I'm using mozilla Firebird now, it's pretty efficient against that kind of problem, and is a better browser in all aspects IMHO
alexgarcia, Nov 08 2003

       First of all, know that I am a multi-millionnaire philanthropist and philatelist (because it alliterates). In response to criticism of the Gator industry, I have created a company called Crocodile. This company is devoted to actually giving people money, no strings attached. However, the only way for you to get this cash is to trust my pop-ups. So, when you receive a pop-up from Crocodile and check the 'ALWAYS TRUST THIS SITE' box, you will receive 100,000 dollars by registered post the next day. However, given the fact that I do not actually want to give my money to all the worthless layabouts, I am going to have fun in the bargain. Ergo, when as in 99.9999% of cases, people do not trust me and click CANCEL, 1000 pop-ups will appear all bearing the simple phrase: 'Had your chance. MUFFED IT!' and cause unbearable laughs for me and my boyfriend.
Mistress Bling, Nov 08 2003

       Who needs your free money givaway? I've been the 10,000th visitor over three times at the same website! What're the odds of that??
Overpanic, Nov 09 2003

       Hey, me too...what an amazing coincidence!!! I've also been the 'one millionth visitor' to msn.com - somehow I find that a little implausible.   

       <puts on multimillionaire philanthropist hat> One of my businesses as a millionnaire is www.onemillionthvisitor.com and i send out these ridiculous pop-up ads to gullible old ladies just for some cheap kicks.
Mistress Bling, Nov 10 2003

       Drudging through the archives in boredom, and I come across this. And behold the power of 1/2B, this feature is being baked by M$ in Service Pack 2 for Windows XP.   

       Mind you, I still use Opera, which is immune from this junk. However it is still nice to see the world listening to us.
evildman, Apr 15 2004

       Nice... Take that, Lycos!
croissantz, Aug 21 2004

       Worthy of note that Microsoft now does this, with XP Service Pack 2.
swamilad, Oct 22 2004


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