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Neighborhood Watch Lock Control

For gated communities populated with the justifiably paranoid.
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Neighborhood Watch patrolmen in gated communities should carry an electronic key card that can lock, but not unlock, any door they notice happens to have been left unsecured while they make their rounds. Those of us who have deliberately left the door *ajar* as bait while we sit in the darkened living room with a Remington .30- 06 and a night-vision scope will, of course, have opted out of the service.
21 Quest, Jul 03 2012

Thirty ought six http://en.wikipedia.../.30-06_Springfield
Hey, wait a minute...what's this got to do with the idea? [normzone, Jul 03 2012]

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       Thirty ought six? Not too worried about how many walls you go through?
normzone, Jul 03 2012

       Oh, it wouldn't go through MY walls...
21 Quest, Jul 03 2012

       Don't you use armour piercing rounds? What if some day a burglar tries to hide behind your refrigerator?
AusCan531, Jul 03 2012

       Since, per Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, refrigerators are proof against everything up to and including nuclear weapons, I guess he's just out of luck.
MechE, Jul 03 2012

       I said it wouldn't go through my walls, the innards of which are composed of reinforced concrete and the inside-facing surface of which is coated in steel plating.
21 Quest, Jul 03 2012

       "How do you reinforce steel? (Apart from, of course, repeating to it 'You're steel. Yes, you are')" -- AbsintheWithoutLeave, commenting on a Padded Room made out of reinforced steel.
normzone, Jul 03 2012


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