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Never HeardofitB 4

Even though baked and patented it was also my idea
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A place on Halfbakery for WKTE ideas that the active HBer who thought sHe invented it was ignorant of, oblivious to, or just plain clueless about.

Clarification: It's not the place on HB that the active HBer was ignorant of, it's the ideas that that HBer brought up.

In other words: A place on Halfbakery where you put ideas that you thought you invented, but found out it wasn't you. :)

pashute, Mar 07 2024

Prior Art Prior_20Art_20_5bMFD_5d
[a1, Mar 07 2024]

One of the Muppet episodes with "Duck!" https://www.youtube...watch?v=zW7nA0uq6WQ
There were others. [pashute, Mar 10 2024]

Duck! - The Muppet's Swedish Chef https://www.youtube...watch?v=-Kdz_q6Ptf4
[pashute, Mar 10 2024]

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       How would this work? Suppose I wake up one morning with a fantastic invention, and I rush to the halfbakery, I select Category: Food:Dispenser, and I write up my genius idea:   

       Electro-thermal mallard reaction device
with timer to prevent excess browing
This invention uses electrical energy passed through a resistant element to generate infra-red radiation. Slices of food, such as bread or other kinds of solid foodstuffs, are held in front of the radiant source. After a pre-set time, the timer releases a mechanism which extracts the now warmed and browned foodstuff from the device and presents it to the user for consumption.

       This is soon followed by a storm of [-]s and a series of links by the usual suspects to pages and pages of online toaster shops, a useful patent link to some of the very earliest toaster patents, etc.   

       The idea is very soon deleted by its embarearsed creator.   

       So what is your suggestion, that instead of deleting the idea, the person who posted it should move it to this new proposed category?   

       Obviously I would never choose that category to start an idea, because if I knew the idea was already done I would not start typing it on here.
pocmloc, Mar 07 2024



       (Mallard reaction)...?
bhumphrys, Mar 07 2024

       As described on my "spray toast" idea, //These reactions are known as Mallard reactions and are named named after the famous coal burning railway engine, since the reactions are related to burning and combustion and happen at high speeds, and cause delight.//   

       Nothing to do with ducks.   

       Well only a bit.
pocmloc, Mar 07 2024

       a. This idea has not been submitted under Hafbakery::Category and these ideas don't use a special category to mark ideas, that have been previously invented by someone else. Instead, it has a flag marking it as Overbaked.   

       Your idea retains its original category. By default, the overbaked ideas are not shown on the Halfbakery website. There is a VIEW with these ideas separately, and a mixed VIEW with regular ideas alongside the overbaked ones.   

       b. Isn't the "duck!" call from the muppets? I seem to remember it vaguely.
pashute, Mar 07 2024


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