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New Air Travel Paradigm

You Know; For The Passengers
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Recently another plane was lost with a full load of passengers, in another apparent act of terrorism. Hundreds of people likely perished; and at the time of this writing the plane and all on board have not been recovered.

Perhaps a new paradigm is in order! Instead of one plane taking off with hundreds of passengers, have hundreds of planes taking off with a single passenger. <linkies>

The result will look something like a plague of locusts flying through the sky, but at least it will decrease the chances that all passengers will be killed with a single act of terror.

Grogster, Apr 05 2014

No, That Is Not a Full Eclipse; It Is Bora Bora Airlines Flights 2350 Through 2875... http://tribktla.fil.../2014/04/planes.jpg
Image Shamelessly Lifted From The Internet [Grogster, Apr 05 2014]

Yet Another... http://www.homato.com/2005_8.html
Another Image Shamelessly Lifted From The Internet [Grogster, Apr 05 2014]

Let's all -- get a driving plane Driving_20Plane
[theircompetitor, Apr 05 2014]


       Some nominal increase in ticket prices may occur.
Grogster, Apr 05 2014

       //apparent act of terrorism//   

       Wait - if it were terrorism, surely someone would have claimed "credit" for it by now.
pertinax, Apr 05 2014

       It would be cheaper to do that holographically, and just have one jet that actually flies.   

       So one passenger gets to do the actual flying part of the trip; what to do with the rest? Easy. Give them all virtual flights and journeys. People on business trips would be tricked into simulating these on Skype 27. People would holiday in holograms. Get them all drunk, and even with current technology it would be a walk in the park.
skoomphemph, Apr 05 2014

       That's much better, yes [bigsleep]. And then why not also substitute a bus (or even a traditional donkey cart if one scales the avatars down to their projections onto a screen)?   

       Your hijacker could be dropped off somewhere between places in Northern Australia or Western Namibia (or better still, on Baffin Island) and told to wait there for the houris. They wear beautiful, soft, snow-white fur coats.
skoomphemph, Apr 05 2014


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