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New desktop layout

An easier way to have a desktop with less icons
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This is similar to what I have suggested earlier but may be better. The desktop will only have predefined group icons for functions like word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, listen to music, Internet, unclassified, etc. When we install a new program, the shortcut icon for the program will be automatically created in the appropriate group folder. When we right click to create a shortcut icon to whatever, the icon will be created automatically in the appropriate folder. In this way, we can have a desktop with less icons which make it less complicated and frightening.
raideas, Nov 22 2006

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       Another swing and a miss, you can put shortcuts into folders. And you can put those folders on your desktop. You should check out the book that came with your computer Raideas.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 22 2006

       Yes, indeed we can create shortcut in folders, and put the folders on the desktop. With Windows XP, we can change the icon for the folders unlike the earlier versions of Windows. I have done this more than once before, and I discovered this through playing around with my PC But, it will be nicer the if folders for the common tasks are already predefined by the manufacturer, and the installation program can automatically create the shortcut in the appropriate folder. In this way, we can save our time from having to create the folders, and having to move the icons into the folders ourselves. This means, if such technology exists, we may see a message something like "A shortcut for Super Write 1.0 has been created automatically in your Word Processing folder" at the end of the installation process for let's say Super Write 1.0.
raideas, Nov 22 2006

       Or you could just look up files in window's browser saved in their appropriate folders, and just open the file and the program launches.
BJS, Nov 22 2006

       Madame speaker, I refer the honourable gentleman to my previous comments which he has obviously neglected to even read, let alone understand.
webfishrune, Nov 22 2006

BJS, Nov 22 2006


       you have to be British (or know something about our parliament) to get it. It was alluding to common speech and etiquette seen in the British houses of parliament.   

       The previous comments mentioned were the previous annos I made very recently about his last idea also in this category.
webfishrune, Nov 22 2006

       How lazy can you get? Making these folders yourself is such a tiny amount of work that it wouldn't be much more than deleting the folders that you don't need: eg. most people use word processors while I rarely need anything more complex than notepad so I would have to delete the WP folder, except that I probably wouldn't, thus negating the anti-clutter point of the whole thing. -
stilgar, Nov 23 2006

       On the one hand yes, this would be good. On the other hand, this would be better implemented by putting said groups in the Start menu; having them automatically classify themselves there might be good. I'd rather choose what shortcuts were on my desktop, instead of having them all stuck one more layer away from the desktop - they're supposed to be shortcuts after all. [neutral]
david_scothern, Nov 25 2006

       I think its time we give up the computer based ideas raideas....perhaps you could do somthing involving bodily secretions???
Heavy_Phat, Nov 25 2006

       //You should check out the book that came with your computer//   

       Ha, you havent bought a computer lately have you. Not a book in sight, but the comment is pertinent this is not hard to figure out.
jhomrighaus, Nov 25 2006

       I would far rather have a larger number of icons on my desktop, giving me easy access to more places within one click.   

       Another point: I have a few word processors installed here (wordpad, notepad, word 2003, word 2007), but I tend to use the same one for every document. Likewise, every spreadsheet I create or open, I use the same program. So what's the difference between having a folder of word processors on my desktop, and having a word shortcut on my fast start bar? Apart from that with the current system I can open a document with one click, and with your proposal I'd have to {click} show destop {double click} open my folder of word processors and {double click} open word?
swyves, Nov 25 2006


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