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Nice Knocker

Standard Door Knockers Sound Terrible
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Most front doors feature a standard door knocker that consists of a piece of metal on a hinge. This piece of metal simply strikes the normal surface of the door creating an ugly clunking, rapping, clanking type sound.

The idea is a small inset modification set into the door at the spot where the knocker strikes the door surface. This could be in pre-built doors or a "kit" for retrofitting existing doors (saw out a square and insert the "Nice Knocker" kit..etc.)

Some kit options: Woodblock Kit- Uses a musical type "woodblock" so that the door knocker creates a pleasing "CHOCK CHOCK" sound.

Gong, or jamaican steel drum Kit- For a unique metallic sound

Christopher Walken Celebrity Endorsed Kit - Cowbell knocker tone

Enjoyer, May 18 2004


       [marked–for–deletion] widely known to exist. This is not a DIY website.
etherman, May 18 2004

       [etherman]: Can you add a citation to back up your mfd, please?
bristolz, May 18 2004

       <sarcastic as hell> Well, seeing as how [etherman] has been here longer than anyone else, then maybe we should all listen to him. </sah>   

       I don't really see "this is not a DIY website" as even remotely valid grounds to MFD an idea. Its not a recipe, its not flavor, its an idea about giving door knockers a different sound.
Letsbuildafort, May 18 2004

       Clarified the idea a bit. I suppose it would be easy to confuse this idea with DIY because of the different options I gave for the "striking area". They are just variations on the central idea, which is a special inset into a door to create pleasing sounds when struck by a standard knocker.
Enjoyer, May 18 2004

       I thought this would be a door knocker in the shape of a breast (in which case I would have mentioned that I met someone who built that.)
jutta, May 18 2004

       wondering why they don't come in pairs?   

       also bothered why the woodblock differs from the wooden door.   

       doorknockers here have a metal knocking plate.
po, May 18 2004

       jutta: cute - could you post a picture?
Enjoyer: chimes and xylophones are Baked as door knockers, though you are usually required to strike them with a hammer, rather than raise a knocker.
DrCurry, May 18 2004


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