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No More Cats' Arses

Converts one end of a cat to t'other
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I like my cat. She makes amusing noises and has a cute little face topped with pointy swivelling ears and a there's a sweet little furry nose in the middle. Unfortunately she is convinced that the other end of herself, which is not so cute and emits odd smells from time to time is the end she should point in my direction.

Solution: a perfect copy of her head, made with loving care by the artisans at "No More Cats' Arses", featuring a plastic plug the shape of a baby's dummy where the neck would be.

Stroke cat near base of tail until the offending brass eye is pointed heavenwards. In goes the plug and now, behold:

Two cute heads, and NO ARSES.

it's a stick, Aug 14 2007

Sylvester the Talking Kitty Cat https://www.youtube...watch?v=CTDelbaFkPc
demonstrating the Twinkle Tush, [FlyingToaster, Jan 20 2017]

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       I know from experience that stuffing a dummy up a cats' arse is more difficult than you might imagine.
jtp, Aug 14 2007

       //I like my cat//   

       So much that you want to stick a butt plug in its arse?   

       Maybe you just like it too much.(Poor cat.)
skinflaps, Aug 14 2007

       I've not seen a cat with a *furry* nose.
xandram, Aug 14 2007

       I remember a much aligned spoof website that claimed to solve this problem using superglue.
zen_tom, Aug 14 2007

       /much aligned/?   

       Mayhaps you mean "maligned"
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 14 2007

       //website that claimed to solve this problem using superglue//   

       And another that used jars and tubes.
theleopard, Aug 14 2007

       It was before the days of css, so there was probably a fair bit of aligning going on as well, but yes, that is what I meant.   

       And Bubs, I think we're talking about the same site.
zen_tom, Aug 14 2007

       Indeed, I think we must be.
theleopard, Aug 14 2007

       By the way, I'd like to see you get one of these near me! We have claws you know. Big ones. And we don't take lightly to things up our bottoms!
theleopard, Aug 14 2007

       What if you leave the plug in too long? Your poor pussy could explode, and you will have a far worse mess than a smelly cat butt.
the great unknown, Aug 14 2007

       And [8th] has been silent on this so far.
notexactly, Jan 19 2017

       Silent, yes; but far from idle ...   

8th of 7, Jan 20 2017

       [it's a stick] created an account on August 6 2007.   

       Over the next eight days, [stick] created two ideas, annoed twice on two other ideas, and then vanished from sight.
normzone, Jan 20 2017

       Fear not, [stick] is perfectly safe and happy in our care. Talent like that is too precious to waste ...
8th of 7, Jan 20 2017

       There's a company that does that... not a butt plug, but a cover that hangs off the tail <link>
FlyingToaster, Jan 20 2017

       That was one of the stranger videos I've seen.
Voice, Jan 20 2017


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