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Not so near money bank

A warehouse for coin, stamps, gift cards, pawn shop receipts and anything of value that is portable.
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(In short: A glorified pawnshop offering safekeeping as well as loans.)

This would be a warehouse to store safely and/or liquidate anything that people collect a value that would fit inside a briefcase or breadbox. Customers would be offered two types of accounts.

Safekeeping only

or safekeeping with liquidation efforts.

Coins, money, stamps,(Foreign and Domestic) gift cards, pawn shop receipts, collectables (wine dolls watches jewelry, paper, etc.)

A weekly auction would allow speedy liquidation and a fixed price catalog/web site for when the need for speed doesn't out weigh greed. A swapping service (wine for watches say) might also make sense for some customers.

Currency exchange and deposit box rentals would be a natural fit.

Could also act as a normal bank (loans and so on) if allowed.

(In short: A glorified pawnshop offering safekeeping as well as loans.)

Note: Some old bank buildings were built so large and impressive that no bank can afford to use all the space. This sort of institution could use all that space, but only needs one big building downtown in each major city.


Definition From Investopedia

Near money is defined as:

"An economics term describing non-cash assets that are highly liquid, such as bank deposits, certificates of deposit (CDs) and Treasury Bills. Central banks, economists and statisticians may utilize near money when determining the current money supply. Near money refers to assets that can be quickly converted into cash. Also called quasi-money. "

popbottle, Apr 15 2014

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       One man's trash etc...Can I keep my scuba gear, bicycle and still there?
normzone, Apr 15 2014


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