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Novelty Braille Sign

says "Do Not Touch"
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Tap in to the blind prankster market!
mrthingy, Feb 12 2002

Yucef Merhi: "DO NOT TOUCH", 2000 http://www.cibernetic.com/art/obra18.html
Actually, it reads just "NO TOUCH". [jutta, Sep 03 2006]


       … … . .. . …
. . . … .. . ..
. . .. . . .. . ..
angel, Feb 12 2002

       Braille keypads on drive-up ATMs is novel enough.
waugsqueke, Feb 12 2002

       What about a braille "Wet Paint" sign?
pottedstu, Feb 12 2002

       How about "If you can read this, you're too close" in braille?
runforrestrun, Feb 12 2002

       And surely we can say what we like. Its not as if any blind people are reading this...
mcscotland, Feb 12 2002

       Braille isn't just for blind people. Ideal for reading in the dark.
pottedstu, Feb 12 2002

       bliss'n'all: But isn't this as much a blind joke against the sighted. At the very least it's a joke that only those that can read braille will get.
st3f, Feb 12 2002

       I don't think this is offensive to blind people at all. either; it's just a self-referential joke translated into an unusual and very suitable medium.   

       [mcscotland] "It's not as if blind people are reading this." The web is mostly text. Just think how much easier this is as a source of information to a blind reader of braille with a braille terminal than printed books and newspapers. Where would you hang out?   

       That being said, I haven't met anyone who reads the halfbakery in braille, but it's very possible; the hard- and software exists, and I've met people who used it to e.g. play muds and read their e-mail.
jutta, Feb 13 2002

       jutta - I can't remember which idea thread it was, but one 'baker did comment that he was blind. This was sometime in the last week.
quarterbaker, Feb 13 2002


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