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Off The Shelf Babies

Your life begins and ends at Walmart...
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Instead of making babies the traditional way, or using designer babies services...

why not go to Walmart and buy mass produced babies?

Mass production will help ensure good value for money by the strength of mass production of vat grown systems. Plus growing babies at scale would allow for more variety of shoppers of different economic background who can't necessarily afford the expensive designer babies services.

mofosyne, Nov 30 2017

INFANTS FOR SALE AT WALMART https://www.exolymp...or-sale-at-walmart/
Short story I contributed to a while ago [mofosyne, Nov 30 2017]

baked already .... https://babyregistry.toysrus.com/
[normzone, Nov 30 2017]


       [marked-for-deletion] not an idea. Sorry.
Voice, Nov 30 2017

       [norm] I think the CREATE button on the Walmart website doesn't create an actual baby. But you never know.
pashute, Dec 05 2017

       Re. MFD, surely "grow babies in vats and retail them through Walmart" *is* an idea - just not a particularly attractive one.   

       Brave New World had bottles, not vats. Vats suggest growing a few large volumes of tissue, and then assembling many babies from them, presumably with nanobot magic. Would this mass production give you problems with their immune systems, or would the genetic similarity of the babies prevent such problems?
pertinax, Dec 05 2017


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