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One standardized 9V adapter for all

for everything except 12 V devices
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One standard pin size; All devices which use 1.5V to 9V, can be designed so that they accept 9V at the adapter socket and convert it to voltage that they actually need. Most devices (Edit: which use batteries/power adapters) in the household work with voltages less than or equal to 9 V; Hence this adapter will be able to work with almost anything in the household.
VJW, Jul 02 2011

Inspiration Standardized_20AC_20adapters
[VJW, Jul 02 2011]


       Devices that require an adapter are generally made that way to remove the transformer from the device, otherwise they'd just accept 115V/240V AC.
marklar, Jul 02 2011

       Aren't DC-to DC converter ICs available nowadays ? Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you would not need transformer.
VJW, Jul 02 2011

       No, better to go with a stronger standard, USB, 5V. (- )
MisterQED, Jul 02 2011

       Can it also in the darkness bind them?
bungston, Jul 02 2011

       This is a bit let's all, innit?   

       There should be legislation requiring all adaptor- equipped equipment to conform to one of a very small number of standards, but it's still a let's-all.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 02 2011

       It would be even simpler if every device had exposed metal contacts and every power supply had crocodile clips on the ends of its leads.
pocmloc, Jul 02 2011

       It's not really a let's all, because that supposes that agreement is all that is necessary. This idea lacks the understanding that some devices use different amounts of energy in different doses.   

       And that's why I preferred [bungston]'s anno to [MaxwellBuchanan]'s.
marklar, Jul 02 2011

       // This idea lacks the understanding that some devices use different amounts of energy in different doses.//   

       I took it that [VJW] was referring only to devices that currently use 1.5-9V from a wall-wart. If so, then all that's needed is a 9V adaptor capable of delivering a fairly healthy current, and an internal voltage regulator in the device. Still a "let's all" though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 02 2011

       What [MB] said.   

       Lets'all : I somehow still think its an idea, since you need a different product.   

       //an internal voltage regulator// It will be work but not necessary. A voltage regulator can work with continuously varying voltages, hence contain more circuitry. What is proposed here is that, devices should have internal DC voltage converter, which accept, a fixed 9V DC as input.   

       //This may cover all your toys, but many devices require power that would melt many cables when using 9V// Is it possible to name those devices ?   

       //stronger standard, USB, 5V// What about devices that need 6V or 9V ?
VJW, Jul 04 2011

       //Computer, large television, hairdryer, toaster.//   

       Those things generally don't use (power)adapter. They directly plug in to mains socket with the exception of Laptops.
VJW, Jul 04 2011

       Edited the text for idea.
VJW, Jul 04 2011


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