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Open Blind Alert

Save yourself an embarassing interaction, both with your neighbors and with local law enforcement.
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I can't be only guy (or gal) on the Bakery who has awoken in the morning and walked into the living room to watch TV, or the kitchen to make some coffee, and realized only too late that you forgot to draw the curtains or shut the blinds the night before and that your neighbors now have a *very* intimate view of your, uh... intimates.

I even read a story on a BBC news app a few months ago about a guy getting arrested and fined for it, because a lady walking her young child saw him in the window and filed suit. I think he beat it in court, but that's really not the point.

My idea here is for a system of sensors designed to detect the open/closed status of blinds and curtains, and give you a...uh... "heads up" warning, so to speak. If any blinds are open, a large red light is lit on the wall next your bedroom door, at eye level. If they're all closed, a large green light is lit. Give you a chance to either get dressed, or (if you purchased the deluxe system) push a button next to the light to close them all. That is all.

21 Quest, Jan 30 2010


       "I think he beat it in court..."
Cue rimshot.
phoenix, Jan 30 2010

       No, he hit the gavel.
rcarty, Jan 30 2010

       perhaps a variation on the "darken the portion of the windshield in between my eyes and the sun", to darken the portion of the window between outsiders eyes and whateverses.
FlyingToaster, Jan 31 2010

       How about legislation, forbidding people from being offended by the appearance of humans
pocmloc, Jan 31 2010

       That would be nice, but is far less likely to happen. Especially if the person who sees you happens to object on religious grounds.
21 Quest, Jan 31 2010

       //if the person who sees you happens to object on religious grounds.//What about freedom of expression whilst on your own property?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 31 2010

       Look, I didn't write the laws, ok? Please don't try to engage me in a debate about this because it's pointless. I agree with you. But I didn't post this as a middle finger to the law. The fact is, I don't want the neighbors seeing me naked! This is to protect my privacy, not their sensitivity.

       If you want to be seen, then use it to ensure maximum exposure and just reverse the lights. It works for both purposes.
21 Quest, Jan 31 2010

       //I don't want the neighbors seeing me naked//
Why ever not?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 31 2010

       Move to NY. Walking around in the noddy with the blinds open is de rigeur here. (But not chez Curry, you will be relieved to hear, I'm sure.)
DrCurry, Jan 31 2010

       //blinds are open, a large red light is lit// and the neighbors now have a very intimate view of your, uh ...//

       Baked in Amsterdam, I believe.
mouseposture, Jan 31 2010

       The only case I'm aware of where the person was not exonerated in court was rather more deliberate than accidental.
MechE, Jan 31 2010

       This idea is not intended for exhibitionists. It's meant for those of us with a healthy dose of modesty, to help us preserve that modesty.
21 Quest, Jan 31 2010


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