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Personal Emergency All-in-one Rescuer (PEAR)
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I imagine this to be a small device the size of a pager or watch, strapped to the owner's wrist. Ordinarily, the device simply monitors the owner's heart-beat, respiration and key bodily functions and alerts the owner to any abnormal or dangerous levels. But it has other functions.

The device contains a small chip with the following data: name, ID, age, nationality, blood-type, allergies, special conditions (e.g. asthma). The owner can choose to add more data that might be useful. The data is normally encrypted but can be released by the owner; it will also release the data when the owner is unconscious or when his health is in peril. It will then transmit this data (using milli-wave, blue-tooth, whatever), together with the owner's current health condition, to special receivers issued to the police force, medics and emergency rescuers.

During emergencies, the device will even broadcast a distress signal to all police stations and hospitals in the vicinity. If the owner is buried in an earthquake or avalanche, the device will produce a strong signal to attract rescuers to the owner's location.

The device also contains: built-in torch, mini-compass. It also contains a panic button; upon activation, a small transmitter will scream "Help!" in any of 100 different languages (or rotating through various languages). And yes, able to transmit SOS in light, sound and smoke signals.

In case the peril is due to muggers, robbers or murderers, the device will also record incriminating evidence with its mini-camera and voice recorder.

Then of course, the device should be tamper-proof and ultra-durable, and issued to everyone from birth. It should be calibrated to the owner's physical profile, so if anyone else tries to steal it the device will know and broadcast an alert to the police.

baboo, Mar 08 2002

VeriChip http://www.adsx.com...vpart/verichip.html
An implantable device which serves many of these purposes. (Invented by a 13-year-old, I believe.) [waugsqueke, Mar 08 2002]

Time article about Derek Jacobs, the inventor http://www.time.com...8599,214099,00.html
14-years-old. I was close. [waugsqueke, Mar 08 2002]


       I was OK with this until you got to the mini-torch, then it went a bit magic. I wonder about the 'buried in an avalanche' scenario though; isn't bluetooth quite a short-range thing? Or does that part use some other protocol?
angel, Mar 08 2002

       By "torch," I presume "flashlight," yes?
bristolz, Mar 08 2002

       If you're buried in an avalanche, you just need a Reco box (which responds to the Reco detectors used by mountain rescue teams), not a fancy bluetooth whatsit.
goff, Mar 08 2002

       //In case the peril is due to muggers, robbers or murderers... the device should be tamper-proof and ultra-durable, and issued to everyone from birth. It should be calibrated to the owner's physical profile//
With a little editing, heh - Baked in the form of a "Clenched Fist"
thumbwax, Mar 08 2002

       [bz]: Yes.
angel, Mar 08 2002

       Add a laser, rappelling line and detonator and I'll go for it, but I think Q already made this. Also, PEARs are fine but I prefer an APPLE (All Purpose Personal Life Equipage)
dag, Mar 08 2002

       A good percentage of the population can't properly arm and disarm a car alarm, I see lots of false alarms in the future.   

       //and issued to everyone from birth// Not a great leap to personal bar codes and tracking everyone by GPS. Me paranoid??
rbl, Mar 08 2002


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