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Painful Pulse

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Have you ever wondered if you really are alive, or merely playing out a parody of a living human (as Kieth Richards has done for years.) Well this may be the solution for YOU!!, "PAINFUL PULSE" It may look like your run of the mill chunk of barbed wire embeded in your wrist, but this highly crafted product has been tested by SCIENTISTS and recommended to geriatric patients (clients) in test markets across the country. Why pinch your self when you too can have a PAINFUL PULSE.
CrazyWulf, Jun 14 2002


       Hmmm... It might kind of discourage you from doing any pulse-raising activity ie. exercise. You would get less fit and then your pulse would go up anyway, so maybe it would be better to do some. No pain - no gain!
sild, Jun 14 2002

       Feel the beat!   

       Wasn't this baked about 2000 years ago with Jesus H. Christ?
FarmerJohn, Jun 14 2002

       Advice to wearers: Stay calm and try to remain disinterested. We're not equipped for a lot of screaming and kicking.
reensure, Jun 16 2002


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