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Pan-simian currency

Euro eat your heart
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After having to lay off the zeppelin crew from the prospective NMRM Co silver reclamation business, from the lining of clouds, it's not worth the 300 grams per cloud apparently, I found myself with time on my hands.

Anyway, concerning the EU standardisation of the banana, I have decided that if they're that standard then why not use them as a currency, achieving two goals.

1) The aforementioned pan-species currency, well....uniting the simian world, presumably our cousins in the ape world would soon cotton on to growing bananas, levelling out wealth human:our simians cousins.

2) Over a staged transition of replacing the $, £, RMB etc with bananas, most countries in the banana growing countries would become incredibly wealthy so more equally distributing wealth to poor countries.

Consequences might range from fairly trivial to a 225% levy on Chinese bananas, the discovery in fossil records indicating that the dinosaurs had a proto-banana banking crash, leading to their mass starvation and the Yucatan Basin bolide was a mere sideshow.

not_morrison_rm, Nov 12 2017

How scientists taught monkeys the concept of money. https://www.zmescie...te-monkey-appeared/
[Voice, Nov 15 2017]

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       //pan-species currency// So, just chimpanzees then? The gorillas are going to be very annoyed.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 12 2017

       Well, at least it's not in other: general
normzone, Nov 13 2017

       If it wasn't for standards bodies, sometimes a cigar would be just a cigar
theircompetitor, Nov 13 2017

       Some species of monkey should be intelligent enough to learn to use currency. IIRC at least one monkey has been. It would be an interesting experiment to train a few hundred monkeys to use currency, verify they're using it correctly (buying and selling for coin), and then set them loose to see how capitalism fares in the wild.
Voice, Nov 15 2017

       I bet a US $20 bill has value in every single country, if you go to the local black market.
Voice, Nov 15 2017


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