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Parallel Parking Poles

Keep from getting blocked in.
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My idea is for a pair of 24-inch steel rods (or possibly longer for wider vehicles) that extend automatically out from the center of each bumper upon shifting into PARK. They extend slowly, are capped by the vehicle's license plate which prevents them from 'accidentally' impaling another vehicle when being deployed, and the extension motor isn't powerful enough to move or damage a vehicle it might bump into. Once fully extended, however, they are locked in place to prevent someone from simply pushing them back in in order to park closer to you. In the event that the space you parked in isn't roomy enough for the poles to fully extend, they lock in place at the point of resistance. In case the point of resistance is removed, say, by the other vehicle moving before you get back to your car, it automatically extends to its full length to ensure plenty of room in case another vehicle parks there before you get back. Upon shifting into DRIVE, REVERSE, or NEUTRAL, the poles automatically retract.
21 Quest, Feb 18 2009


       Yeah, but that idea was taken. Trust me, I looked. See the idea titled "Parking Space Increaser". What I was going for was something that would save me some elbow room when parking but wouldn't get me arrested.
21 Quest, Feb 18 2009

       Thanks. I just thought of a few minor improvements to further legitimize this idea, and have edited them into the original post.
21 Quest, Feb 18 2009

       //they lock in place at the point of resistance\\ Now you have room but I don't anymore. I suggest we share the room like good citizens, like everybody else does.-
zeno, Feb 19 2009

21 Quest, Feb 19 2009

       Ah... I hadn't seen zeno's anno, bigsleep. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

       Well, in theory, if every vehicle was equipped with these, then everybody would have their own space. Yes, it would suck be the guy who doesn't have a PPP-eqipped vehicle and get stuck between two cars that do... but sometimes one man's inconvenience is the price that must be paid in the name of progress!

       Note: zeno can always do what I do when parking in the city. I just put out some small orange cones that I stole from a beach patrol shack in Florida, weighted with concrete, 2 feet to either side of my car. They have the letters VCBP stamped in large block letters down the side (stands for Volusia County Beach Patrol, but nobody here knows that). Works like a charm. Everybody thinks they're official and they haven't gotten moved once. I can honestly say I've never gotten blocked in.
21 Quest, Feb 19 2009

       The problem is that is everyone gives their elves enough space you end up having twicec as much space between cars as necessary.

       I think it would be better to have an acoustic system that beeps fairly quietly when another car is in proximity to yours while they are getting into the space, but after a minute of no movement, it gets louder and announces that they are too close. If the offender doesn't move, the proximity alarm borrows the script from a suitable stand-up routine (George Carlin, Dennis Leary, etc) to abuse the offender.
marklar, Feb 19 2009

       I like this concept [+] but suggest that it is changed to be only found at the front of the vehicle. You do not need space both in front and behind you in order to move your car from the space; just one is enough.

       However, the idea is really putting a sticking plaster on a gaping wound. The real problem is ignorant drivers who fail to leave sufficient space for others to remove their cars. Not only ignorant but also selfish.
vincevincevince, Feb 19 2009

       Well yeah, the point of the idea is to cope with the selfish, ignorant drivers.

       And I like your idea of having it just on the front, that makes sense. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!
21 Quest, Feb 19 2009

       So, not something to ease traffic woes in Warsaw?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 19 2009

       I wouldn't know, I've never been to Poland. Or am I missing something?
21 Quest, Feb 19 2009

       But what happens when the selfish, ignorant drivers get one?
spidermother, Feb 21 2009

       Then you're no worse off than you are now, are you? Look, considerate drivers would still leave space between their poles and vehicles that don't have this.
21 Quest, Feb 21 2009


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