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When you need a parking space in a pinch.
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When you can’t find a parking space, use the Park-Kit; Contains: 1-8 foot inflatable curb, comes in Faux Granite, Tar Black, Plain Cement and the all time favorite-Safety Yellow. 6 strips of Fake Painted Line Tape. (You may want to buy an extra roll, as these will wear out). and 1 Easy-Flate hand pump. All contained in a neat carrying case. Just inflate the curb, and place it where you want to park. Then stick the Fake Painted lines around the vehicle. Use your good judgment in placing the curb. We are not responsible for your vehicle or any tickets you may incur while using this product.
xandram, Nov 28 2005


       I'm sure the traffic police won't be fooled, but croissant for a fun performance art installation.   

       (One of my favorite works of art is a series of perfectly replicated curb-sides, down to the drains and discarded candy wrappers. Very surreal, sitting there on the wall of an art gallery.)
DrCurry, Nov 28 2005

       a possible way to fool the traffic police is to make an inflatable doughnut box on which the cover will not open. While they are struggling to open said box, one can disassemble the curb etc. and pack it away whilst leaving the scene.
xandram, Nov 28 2005


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