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Parking Mat

Similar to xandram's [Park-Kit]
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Ever circle the parking the parking lot and the only spot available is covered in those annoying diagonal lines? Or has the blue lines and painted logo of a Handi-cap spot but, conveniently, there's not an actual handi-cap sign posted?

Well this invention is a mat, kinda like a carpet with a rubberized upper surface. The mat is the same size as a standard parking space, and the upper surface is colored and textured to match the parking lot you want to put it in (simply send in a sample of the material it's made of, like a broken chunk of asphalt or concrete or whatever, and we'll match the color and texture). The edges are painted lines (white, yellow, etc. to match the parking lot). To create a spot in a non-spot, simply unroll the mat (which folds up into a small square 1ft x 1ft x 6in thick) over the place you want it to go, then park on it. Looks legit, feels legit, and lets you park where you want.

21 Quest, Oct 21 2006

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       Sorry [21], my father-in-law is disabled. Can't approve of you taking a space from a legitimate invalid purely cos your lazy. (-)
jtp, Oct 21 2006

       [21], be sure to bring lots of these mats with you and put some of them over legitimate spots. Other people will be afraid to park on them since they'll assume it's an illegal, lined-out spot, but they'll be too lazy to get out and lift the mat. Then You can park on them yourself.
phundug, Oct 21 2006

       If your father worked at my job, I'd leave him a spot, and a close one, too. We have handicapped *employee* spots, but no handicapped employees. This is where I'm talking about. And, no offense intended, but if the handicapped spots are all that are available within 10-minutes walking distance, then I'm just as entitled to park there as anyone. I shouldn't have to park half a mile down the road just because I'm healthy. I sure as hell didn't do anything to deserve that.
21 Quest, Oct 21 2006

       + Here's my bun...as I love seeing my name in lights.
xandram, Oct 22 2006

       And it looks lovely in lights indeed!
21 Quest, Oct 22 2006

       How about a fake handicap symbol? Just put it on the ground when you leave and (hopefully) my favorite spot is still there when I get back. And if it isn't, well, I guess someone needed that spot worse than I did.
PollyNo9, Oct 22 2006

       I like the idea, you wouldn't have to worry to much about stealing a spot from a handicap person, most along with being marked on the ground are marked on the "blocking" post as well.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 24 2006


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