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Passing Periscope

A periscope looking out on the driver's side of a car so you can see if it is safe to pass the car in front of you
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It's really annoying if there's a slow car driving in front of you on a a road with only one lane in each direction, or even worse a tractor, those go really slow, as I found out when I was working at a mini golf course that was out in the country last summer. but often you can't see out to the side enough to pass them, so I propose that either as a feature on new cars, or an accessory there should be a little periscope looking out further on the driver's side, it would be mounted just above the driver's side mirror, and at a glance you would be able to see past the vehicle in front of you, with mirrors at the right angles the periscope wouldn't have to project out any further than the mirror that is already there
ModernDivo, Nov 13 2006

I think this is the same idea... Car_20periscope
[xandram, Nov 13 2006]

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       If you position the periscope to be set viewing from above and behind the car looking slightly down, you could pretend you're in a computer racing game.
Though, the car wouldn't miraculously bounce when hitting barriers at 200mph.
theleopard, Nov 13 2006

       [Marked-for-Deletion] redundant, see link.
po, Nov 14 2006

       I've often wished for something like this. Great idea!
Alex Yeh, Nov 14 2006


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