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Passport Photo Overlays

Make your passport photo look more like you
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Passport photos are generally a source of embarrasment to the holder, generally being years out of date, and depicting an individual of radically different appearance to the bearer.

A set of transparent overlays could solve this problem, without the need to change the whole passport. Overlays could be produced for beards, glasses, baldness, changes in hair style or colour, eye patches, etc. They could be applied in different combinations to suit current appearance.

They could all be removed to satisfy customs officials wishing to enjoy the sport of ridiculing the client by revealing the hideous original.

The overlays could be readily produced at home with a digital camera and modern imaging software.

Mickey the Fish, Jul 15 2000

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       Nobody ever sees my passport photo -- I want this for my drivers' license!
egnor, Jul 15 2000

       I want it for those photos of me in the post office.
Ander, Jul 26 2000

       I have seen something similar in use. It was in the passport of a muslim woman and the overlay had the words "only to be removed by female visa officer".   

       The local passport photo place here uses a programme that allows you to preview the photo b4 printing - this avoids the really ugly shots but you still have the ten-year-fashion- time-warp factor.
flying_kiwi, Jul 28 2000

       So on the layer one picture you must be shaven bald and be naked? And then what if the customs officer really likes playing with Ken and Barbie? Layer 2, 3, 4, back to 2, mix with layer 5... You are sure to miss your plane.   

rrr, Jul 30 2000

       I like this idea. It has definite potential for misuse. One could conceivably use such a kit to alter someone else's passport and fool the cops. James Bond kind of stuff....
BigThor, Sep 01 2000

       The problem may be solved by using passport paintings instead of photographs.
Vance, Jan 29 2001


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