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Peel Out

Continuous Roll of Potato Crisp/Chip
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Deeply-fried or somewhat healthy-consciously baked Apples-of-the-Earth peeled, seasoned and packaged in as continuous a strand as possible. Packaged in bulky "collectible" tins to maintain "integrity" of the crispy chip.
thumbwax, Feb 10 2008

(?) French fried version, and not continuous. http://forums.egull...08_3240_1042339.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 11 2008]

PowerKut Ribbon Fry™ http://www.zesco.co...PGroupID=ZP99150002
makes one continuous thin-sliced curl for ribbon fries. [baconbrain, Feb 11 2008]

Now That's A Potato Chip http://nerdsoup.blo...ts-potato-chip.html
Potato chips on a stick, what a marvelous idea. [baconbrain, Feb 11 2008]

Tornado Potato! http://www.poketo.c...o/superlocal/?p=327
quite yum, like a one super long deep fried crisp! [baconbrain, Feb 11 2008]

Spiral Potato Chips http://www.catering...l.co.za/spiral.html
Twisted chips on a stick. The other inventors? [baconbrain, Feb 11 2008]

Catering Bliss http://www.usedcateringequipment.co.za
Does it stay crisp or does it sog out [rad_catering_equipment, Jun 14 2011]


       Grease Roll-Up.
notmarkflynn, Feb 10 2008

       What you get if you run a potato thru an apple peeler/slicer and fry it. If left whole they are pretty resilient and can be fried in a minimal size container saving oil. They don't keep well and could hardly be described as a crisp as they are best eaten fresh.Is this what you are talking about?
WcW, Feb 10 2008

       Sounds like a novelty food that might sell well at carnivals, boardwalks, amusement parks etc.   

       It would definately be something most people would want to try at least once.
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2008

       WcW's meritorious annotation led idea to be appended; "or somewhat healthy-consciously baked" as these are tubby times.
thumbwax, Feb 11 2008

       Pretty much baked, unfortunately. Well, deep-fried. The single-strand version, not the DNA double twist. The spuds are spiral-sliced and sometimes skewered, but not done in a roll like paper.   

       The skewered version, where it's a spiral on a stick, is sometimes called a "tornado potato", and may not be found in the USA, yet (links). The South African "Chipstix" site (which sucks) claims to be the inventors.   

       The jumbled-up strand on a plate is called "ribbon fries", and are popular at American carnivals et c. (See link to cutter.)   

       Either one looks yummy and fun. Good idea, obviously. [+]
baconbrain, Feb 11 2008


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