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People's Dictionary

Your Name And Your Deffinition In An Annually Made Dictionary For A Small Price
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Ever said, "If you look up __________ in the dictionary, you'll find _______'s picture? Well what if, for a set fee, you could put your name in the dictionary with your definition of yourself! Or, better still; put a choice word and your picture in the dictionary!

A publishing company who would advertise for the spaces on TV, Newspapers, Online, Everywhere would provide the service. Perhaps, some of the profits might go to helping Charity (who knows!) The idea would be that you would pay x amount of money to get one the (A) choices and one of the (b) choices into a dictionary that you could then buy from that same company or a local bookstore. The book would be published with add-ons every year and you would simply renew your "membership" by paying the fee again to keep your addition to the dictionary in it every year! Think of the possibilities!

Choices (A) would include: -Your Full Name/Nick Name -A Friends Name (with written Consent) -A Word Chosen By You (From A List of Approved Words)

Choices (B) would include: -A Picture of You -A Picture of a Friend -A (Approved) Picture of your choice -A Description of you/friend or word (Written by you) -A Definition of your name/friend or word (Written by You) -A Greeting or message to family and friends

All entries would need to be approved before being admitted into the dictionary... but I think this could really be something fun and interesting just to have... and say:

"Look! I'm in the Dictionary!"

Ish, Sep 02 2005

(?) Who's Who In America http://www.marquisw...ucts/WAprodinfo.asp
"Who's Who" editions seem to exist for virtually every English-speaking nation, most industries, and many hobbyist pursuits. This is one example. Several others are noted on the site margin. It's not unusual for the listees to be required to pay a fee for inclusion in the current edition. [jurist, Sep 02 2005]


       so.. a dictionary with advertising ?

<pedant> either People's dictionary or Peoples' dicrionary, but never Peoples dictionary</pedant>.
neilp, Sep 02 2005

       look mom I'm in the Becktionary. +
toomer34, Sep 02 2005

       Not altogether different from any number of "Who's Who" publications, but with more illustrations. (Link to one US version)
jurist, Sep 02 2005

       Not quite as bad as those star registry things, but still worth a fishbone.
baconbrain, Sep 02 2005

       where is wagster?   

       dose he not have a link for this one?   

toomer34, Sep 03 2005

       Very limited prospects for fees, indeed. Def: <see my pic> Deffer <see [Ish]> Deffest <look again [that's better]> Cha ching. Repeat about 6000 times.
reensure, Sep 04 2005

       This is such an obvious scam, That no halfbaker would ever fall for it.   

       But put an add in newspaper for a directory of new and unusual inventions to be circulated to "one thousand top industrial concerns", and 20 per cent of us bakers will pony up the twenty five bucks without a doubt.   

       I did it myself a while back. and only... sorry boss just called. bye.
popbottle, Sep 12 2015


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