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Persistence Of Vision Propeller HUD

Encode flight informatiion into the spinning propeller for needless complexity/cool points
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The Heads-Up Display is a feature common to many military aircraft that is steadily making its way into civilian jets, general aviation aircraft and even some cars. Usually, this is achieved by placing an angled piece of glass in the line of sight of the pilot, and projecting onto that several usefull flight parameters... Often some mix of attitude, altitude, airspeed, points total and fuel status. Instead of using a complex piece of glass, why don't we re-use something that's already in the right place in many general aviation aircraft?

Persistence of vision, is, I think the phenomenon behind spinning displays <link>. Where timing the RPM with the flashing of LEDs can generate a stable image on an otherwise spinning disk, like, our general aviation aircraft's propeller. So, add some LEDs to the prop, interface the HUD driver with an arduino or whatnot and have your HUD right there in the spinning prop. Nothing like 150 wires running through a spinning contactor for simplicity and reliability.

bs0u0155, Jan 27 2021

Spinning LED display https://www.youtube...watch?v=ML6ZrWKTWPo
[bs0u0155, Jan 27 2021]


       You don't even need one wire.   

       Use a scanning laser to project a raster from somewhere on the engine cowling, or the top of the windshield.   

       The beam can be very powerful*, as the blades are air-cooled, and therefore the spot can be very bright- giving excellent contrast.   

       The obvious use for this is in IMC, where virtual terrain could be projected at "infinity" into the pilot's view- there would need to be a P1/P2 switch to correct for parallax.   

       For ETOPS, maybe the simple horizon could be enlivened by adding little images of boats, whales, improbable islands and sea monsters to the otherwise empty scene.   

       TCAS could highlight the position of other aircraft, and GPWS could highlight the ground...   

       *Given that the laser system needs a rotary encoder to tell it the position of the prop, that could also operate as an interruptor gear, and with the laser at full power and the raster scanner partially stopped, damage could be inflicted on chosen objects, if the aim can be held with sufficient accuracy.
8th of 7, Jan 27 2021

       [+] for needless complexity.
hippo, Jan 27 2021

       // Like the guns on WW1 aircraft? //   

       Yes, but without the distinctive "tat-tat-tat-tat" noise.
8th of 7, Jan 27 2021

       Excellent! [+]   

       And with so much of this essential flight and navigation information projected on the screw there would be no reason at all to have it duplicated on the dash, right? Free up that area for refreshments and in-flight movies.
whatrock, Jan 27 2021

       // Free up that area for refreshments and in-flight movies. //   

       Cupholders ... terrible dearth of cupholders in most GA aircraft. That's what's needed; cupholders. For travel mugs, the sort with lids. For when the idiot* currently flying decides to make some random, irrational, violent maneuver without warning the other occupants.   

       *Said idiot may be both flying and holding the beverage simultaneously.
8th of 7, Jan 27 2021

       + I agree with the needless complexity
xandram, Jan 29 2021


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