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Personal Motivational Monk

A life coach in your hat
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This wearable system would sense when you were frustrated and about to give up an important task. An image would be projected of a wise old Chinese man onto the wall next to you and a voice would remind you that "before a monkey climbs a mountain he must first descend by the path of the goats” or some similar baffling Taoist nugget.

The necessary shift in mental state when trying to fathom the cryptic Oriental wisdom would give you a new perspective on the task at hand, spurring you on to try again with new motivation and insight.

This could be applied in all cases of procrastination, frustration or lack of motivation. I imagine it would work best for those training to be ninjas or on missions to avenge the murder of a close family member but it would work just as well when trying to paint the ceiling or mow the lawn with a hangover.

Depending on your preference this could also come in other versions such as the grizzled ex-boxing coach (smoking a cigar and shouting incoherent support whilst jabbing air with fists).

wongmeister, Sep 28 2006

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       //This wearable system would sense when you were frustrated and about to give up an important task.//   

       Aside from the slightly magical aspect of the above, nice. +   

       All-time favourite Taoist saying: "Governing a country is like frying a small fish - you spoil it with too much poking."
moomintroll, Sep 28 2006

       You can use a hangover to mow the lawn? Do tell!
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 28 2006

       I want one with a randomizer in it that has downloaded pictures of my great aunt Sally, my wife, my best friend, my kids-to-be, etc. all with their own style of advice that is equally vague.   

       <pictures kids-to-be above head and slightly to the right> "Come on Pop, it's just like a sausage in booze! You can do it!" <pk-t-bahasttr>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 28 2006

       Ok so until the advent of holograms it could just be a voice in the head approach,"let go luke..." or music could also be triggered "Walk along the razor's edge, but don't look down, just keep your head, and you'll be finished....."
wongmeister, Sep 29 2006

       Did that man just call me a monkey?
ionsfromzion, Sep 29 2006

       and for those less in tune with The Path and The Way, ionsfromzion, it would also feature a cheerleader option
wongmeister, Sep 30 2006


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