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Personalised tax rebate/welfare statements

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How vexing, apparently my employer does not pay my income tax at source, so I have go to the tax office today....

I thought, if all state handouts were personalised I wouldn't so take them for granted.

Und zo, my tax rebate/welfare comes with statement, on there is a nice pic of the person's whose taxes paid for it, with a first name and list of hobbies and interests..

Trying to de-blithe myself..

not_morrison_rm, Oct 10 2016

Blythe is a bit much, but it's proximity to Quartzite helps to make up for it... http://www.desertus...ties/ca/blythe.html
Stick figure picture, and I love tomatos and black capped chickadees [normzone, Oct 10 2016]

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       Noted, it was too early in the morning for propur speling..
not_morrison_rm, Oct 10 2016

       Your tax rebate would have your own picture on it.
Voice, Oct 11 2016


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