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Philae: the movie

How 100 kilograms of metal ended up on a comet
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This would be the movie version of the life of Philae, the lander, describing the people and events surrounding the most difficult landing ever achieved.
Voice, Nov 28 2014

Preparing for #CometLanding https://www.youtube...watch?v=AvkPFXdpOQQ
CUUUUUTTTTTTTEEEEEE [mofosyne, Nov 29 2014]

This! http://trendslator....FutureNavigator.jpg
spraypainted directional arrows inicated by flares [rcarty, Dec 05 2014]

So useful a service... 1-800-MINDFUK
[RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2014]

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       I see a lead role for that guy with the naked women on his shirt.
zeno, Nov 28 2014

       Extra kudos if it premiers in Philaedelphia.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 28 2014

       The cod hypothesis is problematic, because it will encourage people to continue to mispronounce "Philae" as the Americanized "fillet".
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 29 2014

       But Philae doesn't have T at the end!
pocmloc, Nov 29 2014

       No, it would be more appropriate to have red wine.   

       Tea could be consumed after the dessert, in place of coffee, particularly Chinese Green Tea which is an aid to digestion.
8th of 7, Nov 29 2014

       Really liked the cute youtube series about the orbiter and lander.   

       I think a movie about this would be quite nice. Especially if it was done pixer style (wall-e style?)
mofosyne, Nov 29 2014

rcarty, Nov 29 2014

       A philaemonic orchestra, with an included theremin, would have to do the score .
wjt, Nov 30 2014

       Naturally the sunrise snippets from Also Sprach Zarathustra would be featured in the soundtrack.
RayfordSteele, Dec 01 2014

       //I see a lead role for that guy with the naked women on his shirt.//   

       Extra points for including the online lynch mob that managed to simultaneously manufacture outrage while walling off the area of their brains that is aware of all rap videos and Diet Coke ads.
bs0u0155, Dec 04 2014

       tbf to the online lynch mob, it was a horrible shirt.
calum, Dec 05 2014

       The reason I said totality is because it demonstrates some sophisticated ability to manipulate at the level of minute detail and long term planning and strategic organized work. This could be applied to any problem social or astronomical if it is contrary to collective interests. This video is potentially totalizing because the combination of factors etc,   

       The t-shirt scenario is a a kind of fascistic attack, because even though the it is mass distributed care of the internet! style exchanges high solidarity fascism and low integration or predictably similar is unlikely, unless the implosion at the event is comparable to their organized social network at their user profile or in real life. However that end might have implosion as well. The fascism is simply that a collective is acting in unison to create uniformity in individual behavior. However if this collective began to act instrumentally towards the state totality (as per the comet video) as well as a sovereign then we could say totalitarian state fascists would have been insulting his shirt for one reason, and ego destruction fascists for another etc.
rcarty, Dec 05 2014

       Does that mean that any attempt (whether on line or not) to modify the behaviour of others is fascistic? Does the manner of the attempt have a bearing on it, for example an educational approach vs a power-dymanic driven coercive approach? Because if this is the case, a large minority of internet-based interactions would by this definition qualify as (petit-)fascistic.
calum, Dec 05 2014

       Yes likely the regulation of fascism is an infringement of liberty for example stopping publishing Anna Freud because it provides tool for creating collective reality with ego destruction of individuated subjects. Towards the future was sort of a theme after 68 which centered on the concept of alienation for a social reality despite fascist power which is the subject of rhyzomic ontology; religion is sometimes used as a metaphor for this. Social reality is sort of a democratic, nationalist, work oriented something sphere in which everyone is potentially included, including fascist power. The internet as I was saying is a utilitarian development, not disconnected from the idea of public/ private/ national etc utilities where communications became advanced in a corporate sense before the rest of society. And how consent id manufactured regarding personal, private and public life. However corporations, companies and magnates etc. all had communications. It's really a very complicated history, that's closer to Aldous Huxley which is the sort of social and industrial side of leviathan, rather than george orwell which is the state side. However relation to this leviathan exists in a complexity of meanings. So the towards the future theme was about accepting fascism which is really a problem about social organization and work and who is instrumental, but at the same time regulating that reality because of the factual social physics which some people work towards scrambling the perceptions of in another way.
rcarty, Dec 05 2014

       For now on I'm just going to forward all [rcarty]'s writing to 1-800-MINDFUK and let them figure it out.
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2014

       Lets examine the link titled This! Something about the cross containing hidden power as one sign of hallucinatory meanings. The organization of useful information according to concepts that might have been aphoristic in some sort of conceptual schema perhaps in the categorization of philosophy and psychologies, but also forms and content. Replace the upper left quadrant with social categories, rather than consumer trends.This is pragmatism in symbolism even if the exact chart was just used as a token. It illustrates collective power similar to how organizations use personality evaluation to allocate work. Totality is implied in the power to constrain thought and interpretation inside ,and this is the key, the overall strategic and predicted goal oriented outcome that the analytical factors in the quadrants focus on. Ultimately in the final evalution it at once identifies condemns and destroys the antiwork.
rcarty, Dec 06 2014

       The failed Genesis moon landing was due to several English to Hebrew translation errors:
In Hebrew Genesis is Bereshit, but it was read as B. Ray Shit.
The breaking procedure was translated into Hebrew as the need to break something.
The aborting procedure was translated into Hebrew as the need to drop or crash something.
And the target was translated into a shooting range target which needs to be hit.
pashute, Jul 07 2021


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