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Pine Sap Paintballs

Payback Or Pastime Paintball Encpasulated Pine Sap
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Paintball shells in either standard ammunition colors or a unique translucent shell (for lower visibility) but filled instead with pine sap. Marketed as non-permanent and of course non-lethal specifically for hedonists on moderate mercenary missions.

To be used as the occasional supplement to the regular paint clip for an intentional miss when the game is played in the proximity of the hedonist's subject. Good for good-for-nothing-neighbors, cats and stray kids.

Available through mail order in such select (US) publications as, 'Soldier of Fortune', 'Psychology Today,' 'Car Stereo', 'Family Handyman' and 'PC Games'.

Half-sized balls containing pellet clusters with cushioned impact shell available only through the publication, 'Dog's Life'.

And because you asked for it, New 'Intense Scent' shells in 'Feline Rub', 'Super Sulpher' and 'Bitch's Heat' available through, 'Cat Fancy'.

hollajam, Sep 27 2002

Say it with skunk oil http://www.halfbake.../idea/Skunk_20Balls
[DrCurry, Sep 28 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       How about paint balls filled with wasp/hornet repellent. A few of these lodged in the nest and they might take up housekeeping elsewhere. Especially for the bald-faced hornet, who make monster hives, and aren't fond of visitors.
ty6, Sep 27 2002

       ty6, you'd certainly have to have large and steady balls ;-)
hollajam, Sep 27 2002

       Just make sure they don their safety goggles first.
FarmerJohn, Sep 27 2002

       FJ, who? The cats and Dogs?...
hollajam, Sep 27 2002

       ty6: Even regular paintballs do a number on paper wasp nests, although a spudgun works much better...
<20/20 hindsight> I advise planning an escape route to a screened in location before opening fire....</20/20 hindsight>
Mr Burns, Sep 27 2002

       While working I came across one of the humoungous ones that had been previously doused with bug spray, and the hornets long departed. I dissected it to take a look inside and found this huge egg. Sumbitch, these things have eggs? I dissected the egg. The next morning I related the story and the group know- it- all piped up with, " Yeah, the mother egg." My end of story punchline, "Friggin paintball!" got a real good laugh.
ty6, Sep 28 2002

       hollajam: Yeah, the "good-for-nothing-neighbors, cats and stray kids" and children.
FarmerJohn, Sep 28 2002

       ...Shot at inside hub of a cars' wheel wells? PVC boots, u-joints and all? Would pine sap 'set' up a little harder from road friction? Or just maybe catch fire? What about in the tail pipes? The stinky ones too?   

       What if you just steal away into the night and shoot up the engine block? Sunbathers at a sandy beach? The door mat in front of a convenience store?   

       //Ah! Cyanoacrylate (SupaGlue) paintballs. Now that would be uncomfortable\\   

       At Lover's Lane...Ha!
hollajam, Sep 28 2002

       ty6, I giggled all day.

       //Sumbitch, these things have eggs?.../ I dissected the egg.../ Yeah, the mother egg...\\   

       I got to hook you up with my friend Scully.
hollajam, Sep 29 2002

       Aw shucks, (scrapes dirt with shoe) twern't nuthin.
ty6, Sep 29 2002

       ...Just tidying up. Didn't mean to drag it out of the closet.
hollajam, Oct 16 2002

       //Marketed as non-permanent and of course non-lethal//   

       Non permanent tree sap? Ever heard of "Amber?"   

       Admittedly, one paintball of it probably won't kill a human... but it CAN be permanent.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 18 2006


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