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Planetary Goalie

Yeah, it'll screw up the tides. Not as badly as a friggin comet would, though.
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In the event that painting an incoming asteroid white and shining laser pointers at it fails to deter it from a collision course with Earth, it would be nice if the moon finally quit slacking off and did something to protect us for a change.

A couple of rockets mounted to its surface ought to do the trick. I'm pretty sure that the moon can take a punch from a 1 km hunk of rock a lot better than the earth can. I just hope it doesn't land on the 20 acres I just purchased. Only $29.95 an acre! What a bargain!

Overpanic, Jan 06 2004

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       Um... if we can't move the tiny little asteroid, how is it easier to move the moon? :P
Detly, Jan 07 2004

       Well...the average asteroid moves moves along at about 25 km/sec. That means our "tiny-little-asteroid" will be approaching at about 90,000 km/hour. That makes it very hard to hit. Or land on. The moon, on the other hand, is just sitting there, waiting to be landed on over and over again. Not to mention that it's a heckuva lot closer.
Overpanic, Jan 07 2004

       Wouldnt it be easier , once it got into radar to vaporize far enough out then contain the debre. Alittle overboard.
northstar, Jan 07 2004


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