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Plasma tweeter welder

Best used with metal.
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Modern TIG welders use a high frequency switching power supply to generate high currents needed in welding. With a very simple hardware modification, the welder can modulate an audio input signal, creating a plasma tweeter whenever the user strikes an arc.

The playback system can either take input from a live audio source, or start and stop a recording to ensure nothing is missed. It could even be used for the welder to audibly communicate system status to the user.

Aq_Bi, Apr 27 2015

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       I can see this being used at heavy metal concerts
hippo, Apr 27 2015

       Anything that makes a more sound weld has to be uplifting.
wjt, Apr 27 2015

       Mmmyes. Mmyes! All of a sudden the drone of conventional tig seems mighty dull. You would most definitely want to link play/pause to the foot pedal.   

       I imagine Beethoven's fifth would leave a somewhat inconsistent weld. Perhaps the study of ancient welds can reveal what the welders were listening to at the time?
mitxela, Apr 27 2015

       You could make music by having several welders join together.
8th of 7, Apr 27 2015

       One in each hand! By welding on big resonant tanks, you should be able to get lower frequencies too?
pocmloc, Apr 27 2015

       Definitely the spark of an idea here ....
8th of 7, Apr 28 2015

       Fire, steel, and music [+]
Voice, Apr 28 2015


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