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Play Act Interactive TV

Sit by the screen and interact with the players on the screen by copying what a guide character outline does.
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But that character outline is vislble only to you as your audience is wearing glasses that blank it out.

This is kind of hard to explain without you seeing the example video.

The person being entertained would simply see you interacting with the characters on the screen, handing them objects, drinking out of a straw as the glass empties, catching balls thrown at them and throwing them back in a funny way, knocking the character down etc.

You would simply follow the outline on the screen that your audience can't see since it's the same color as the glasses they're wearing.

Might be a way to have only you wear the glasses too, but the simpler way would be your audience wearing them.

Gotta see the video to know what I'm talking about.

doctorremulac3, May 23 2024

Your audience would primarily be kids. https://x.com/Bhakt...1793753794205175867
[doctorremulac3, May 23 2024]

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       Okay, how about if it's just a really small line of dots that you don't need glasses for?   

       Someone? Anyone? No?   

       Okay, moving on.
doctorremulac3, May 24 2024

       Okay okay, little screen in the lower left corner shows the action coming up so you know what to do. You sit in front of it and then act it out wit the scene. Eh?   

       Hmm, tough crowd.
doctorremulac3, May 24 2024

       For an audience of more than one kid, you'll have parallax problems.
pertinax, May 26 2024

       [-] The linked video shows something that already exists. The idea here seems to be "add some kind of cues visible only to the performer." Is there more to it than that?
a1, May 26 2024

       //For an audience of more than one kid, you'll have parallax problems.//   

       Well, if you're actually touching the screen might not be not be too much of an issue.   

       Occurs to me an easier way might just be to create a phone app that guides you through various routines for various scenes.   

       The phone plays the scene on the wifi linked TV, you watch the phone that gives you the cues.
doctorremulac3, May 26 2024


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