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Politician's Enigma Machine

grind words then ungrind them again
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This is an encryption machine similar in design to that of the original German Enigma encryption device except this version converts any inputed scripts into 'political text'.

Anyone with another Politician's Enigma Machine with the dials and plugs set to the same corresponding inputs will be able to decode the emerging drivel into the original text.

Dial settings can vary the syntax, spelling, names of countries, dates, times, percentages and amounts of just about everything. Plug-Ins include "What would W.C. Fields say?" along with a "Family Guy Stewie's wisdom" variable.

These ultra secret machines are already in use, as many recent examples can verify. Think Trump is a semi-literarate, arrogant, lying man-baby? This just shows how effective his Enigma settings are at hiding the truth of the real messages that are in reality flowing articulate, highly researched, and masterfully wise.

xenzag, Jan 26 2019

Enigma Machine https://en.m.wikipe...wiki/Enigma_machine
now available in Politican Mode [xenzag, Jan 26 2019]

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       No relation to the Enogma device?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 26 2019


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