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Popcorn filled bicycle travel bag

Crunch the corn and not the frame
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Here' s the problem: You check in at the airport with your bicycle and they tell you it has to be neatly packed to be transported at all, and in a rigid case, too, if you don't want any harm happening to its spokes. So you either use some pretty large and clumsy to handle cartons which your friendly bicycle dealer let you have, with lots of gaffer tape, or you buy an incredibly expensive, rigid bulky case and hope that at your destination airport you'll find some safe place to lock it up until you return from your trip.

Here's the solution: On arrival at the airport, unfold your Popcorn Bicycle Travel Bag (TM - we couldn't think of anything snappy). Place your bike inside. Plug your miniature popcorn maker into the next outlet, fill it with a few pound of corn and shovel the popcorn into the bag until it is full to the brim. Lock the zipper and check it in.

At your destination, remove your bike from the bag, go outside the terminal and feed the pigeons (and rats and pig and boars, depending on where you have landed) with the popcorn. The bag will serve as a pair of pannier bags on the road.

On your return trip, don't forget to buy corn.

Toto Anders, Jan 19 2016

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       [+] Suggested modification.... build the pop-corn maker into the actual travel bag..... plug it in, fill it up with corn, drop in bike, zip it in, switch on the pop-corn maker and hey presto - fresh pop-corn pours out, filling every nook and cranny like expanded foam to fully protect contents...... this is actually an idea I had some time ago, but happy to attach it here, as it was never intended for bicycles.
xenzag, Jan 19 2016

       I suppose the butter would help lubricate the chain and gears as well [+]
pocmloc, Jan 19 2016

       It should be a pedal-powered popcorn maker which hooks up to the bicycle's drive train
hippo, Jan 19 2016

       Single-use pyrotechnic popcorn maker, preloaded with corn.
8th of 7, Jan 19 2016

       // build the pop-corn maker into the actual travel bag // I love it. With respect to also using the bag as a rear-pannier bag, that would require some really intelligent design, though, if not Intelligent Design.   

       // Many airports have a complete ban on transporting food products. // I insist that popcorn is not a food product.
Toto Anders, Jan 19 2016

       bigsleep -- There is an instant foam pack idea [link] that could be hugeified to hug the bike within the bag. Of course now you have an inedible waste product to get rid of and no popcorn that is/is not a food but yummy nonetheless.
whatrock, Jan 19 2016

       Excellent idea, but why not outfit the bicycle with side airbags and then the travel bag only fills if needed. This way it not only protects it during shipping mishaps, but also provides a way of making space while riding through crowded areas.
tumblewit, Jan 19 2016

       // provides a way of making space while riding through crowded areas //   

       ?? Like a bulldozer with side skirts?
whatrock, Jan 19 2016

       (pictures giant microwave at bag check)   

       This airport always smells like burnt popcorn.
Worldgineer, Jan 20 2016


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