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Positioning Pigeons in the Park

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This is an idea to try in a large flat public area that has an Alfred-Hitchcock-number of pigeons, such as Trafalgar Square, and many other places.

The Pigeon Positioner is a motorized dispenser that hurls birdseed in patterns. Spirals, concentric circles, even shapes are possible with a spinning mechanism. A fancier computer-controlled version could spell words and draw pictures. The birds line up with the fallen seed, and form the patterns.

Amos Kito, Jan 02 2004

Win the Beauty with the Beasts http://www.halfbake...with_20the_20Beasts
done with parrots [FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       <pigeons = rats with wings> [-]   

       Could your seed scatterer fling seeds under car wheels, Fed-Ex trucks or under pile drivers? [+] As much as I loathe pigeons, this idea rocks [+]   

       Added: //The birds line up with the fallen seed, and form the patterns// with their constant droppings?
Klaatu, Jan 02 2004

       //with their constant droppings?//   

       Say... what about making an elevated rail, shaped like [image in question], and removed when enough droppings are accrued?
motive power, Jan 03 2004

       lovely pun, Amos!
po, Jan 03 2004

       Pull! *Blammo!*
thumbwax, Jan 03 2004

( ( ) }<
; ;

( ( ) }<
; ;

( ( ) }<
; ;

( ( ) }<
; ;

( ( ) }<
; ;

( ( ) }<
; ;
po, Jan 03 2004

       You could poke someones eye out hurling bird seed about.
python, Jan 03 2004

       THE BOIDS ARE CALLING ME! ... no, really, look ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 03 2004

       Oooh, you could marshal them into a neat fan pattern .... right in front of a Claymore mine .....
8th of 7, Jan 04 2004

       could you put maybe arsenic or bleach or perhaps amonia in the seed? i dont care for pigeons much either.
Space-Pope, Jan 04 2004

       one time while i was in italy, i cuaght a pigeon. and some lady came up and started beating me with her purse.
Space-Pope, Jan 04 2004

       I remember, there was a half-brick in there..
po, Jan 04 2004

       [po] you don't have family in Italy, do you?! hehe ... flogging the halfbakers and all.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 04 2004

       Stev3: you like st3f's cousin or something?
Space-Pope: I once had a surreal experience in Trafalgar Square, when I caught two pigeons that had become entangled in a piece of string. The surreal part was finding someone with a knife to cut the string: eventually I found a kilted Scotsman who had one strapped to his leg.
DrCurry, Jan 04 2004

       Maybe you could do that at a chicken farm. Then the design would be white & fluffy!
spacecadet, Jan 04 2004

       And the annoying thing is once you call them doves it's all lovey dovey. And they're still rats with wings.
theircompetitor, Jan 04 2004

       Trafalgar Square //A conceptual artist who once asked a friend to shoot him in the arm in the name of art, and one who exhibited a refrigerated cast of his head made using nine pints of his own blood, are among sculptors shortlisted to create a work of art for Trafalgar Square's vacant fourth plinth// what rubbish!   

       Its gonna be a pigeon or a feral kat!
The Kat, Jan 05 2004


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