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Power Supply LED tracer

Which power supply goes with which thing? An LED indicator tells you.
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If you are unplugging some electronic equiment from your outlet extender, sometimes you have to guess which power supply is correct. Often you follow the cord back through the tangled mess, and guess the wrong one.

It would be nice if each electronic devices had an "PS LED" button on it. This button sends a signal down the wire, telling the Power Supply to flash a built in LED. Then you know for sure that you're unplugging the right unit.

lawpoop, Jul 21 2003

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       i just unplug the wires and untagle them   

       PS:wrong catagory.
gizmo, Jul 21 2003

       try sticky labels on your plugs
suctionpad, Jul 21 2003

       Or use an inductive amplifier. - Nevermind, that’s just how I do it, but I’m weird.
Shz, Jul 21 2003

       I prefer to turn everything on and just seee how much havoc I can cause before I find the correct cord.
hidden truths, Apr 16 2005


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