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Pre-Filled Garbage Bags

Garbage included!
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Now you can buy pre-filled garbage bags. They’re already filled with rubbish and securely tied up so you never have to touch unsanitary trash. Simply carry them to the curb for weekly pickup.
AO, Sep 26 2003


       Fishbone is clearly appropriate for this idea. (bags not included)
Worldgineer, Sep 26 2003

       well you have to keep up with the joneses don't you! they have 10 bags of rubbish to your measly one. these come overspilling with champagne bottles, pheasant ready-meals, worn-once designer clobber etc.
po, Sep 26 2003

       [po] I'll sell you mine, but I like to recycle my champagne bottles. And I don't eat pheasant. And I don't know what a clobber is. And shipping might be pricey.
Worldgineer, Sep 26 2003

       Why not go the whole way and buy ownership of the ones already in the landfill? Save you the trouble of carrying them to the curb anyway.
half, Sep 26 2003

       I'll bet some people would like to pick through the garbage bag just in case they might find something "useful".
FarmerJohn, Sep 26 2003

       Baked. Cheezits. [rimshot]
n-pearson, Sep 26 2003

       clobber - clothing
po, Sep 26 2003

       Oh, well I don't throw away much clothing either. I guess my garbage isn't very high class. My recycling's nice though. A nice mixture of newspaper, organic product containers, and good beer wine and champagne bottles. Will that do?
Worldgineer, Sep 26 2003

       hmmm, you must be the Joneses...
po, Sep 26 2003

       Surprisingly already thought of as a Goon Show sketch. A nice man comes and brings some rubbish for Henry and Min, as they are too poor to afford their own. Briefly mistaking the man for a music publisher they reject his offer, but upon realising their mistake they gladly accept the rubbish knowing that, at last, they can hold their heads proud in the neighbourhood. Subsequently, Henry then gets tunelessly trapped behind one of their sixty-eight rosewood pianos and Ray Ellington probably spongs.   

       I don't remember if the rubbish was bagged.
st3f, Sep 26 2003

       Har har, [AO]. Very useless. In your housewares section.
k_sra, Sep 30 2003

       //I'll bet some people would like to pick through the garbage bag just in case they might find something "useful".// <blush>
half, Sep 30 2003


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