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Pre-filled spice shakers

Sell spices in packs of small good looking "spice shakers"
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Product information on the paper/cardboard outside, while the spice shakers, be they saltshakers, paper shakers or a shaker for any other spice, stay clean and clear, good looking, fit and ready for use at a fancy dinner.

Once the shaker is empty, take another one from the pack.

pashute, Nov 23 2016

Herb shaker https://www.google....c=GXt7fajQ5ewuOM%3A
Is this ok? [po, Nov 24 2016]

more like these https://www.dreamst...april-image30497382
[xandram, Nov 24 2016]


       Very baked here. Almost any spice comes in teeny little shaker containers, but you pay through the nose for the convenience of not buying bulk and filling your own shakers.   

       mmmm. candybars
beanangel, Nov 23 2016

       But are they nice and clean or covered with product info?   

       [bean] Could you be an angel and explain your remark. Anything to do with milkshake?
pashute, Nov 24 2016

       what [2Fries] said...I'm not from his *here* either.
xandram, Nov 24 2016

       //you pay through the nose for the convenience//   

       I pay through the nose because I prefer fresh spices.
Voice, Nov 24 2016

       I'm from [2fries]' there, so what he said. [pash] My seasalt shaker fits into your product-info category (though I guess I could remove the label), but there are some which, though plastic, are table-worthy.
FlyingToaster, Nov 24 2016

       I'm with [2fries] we get spices this way all ready
dev45, Nov 29 2016

       How many different dry shakable spices do you put on the table for a fancy dinner? Salt and pepper; yes yes. Maybe crushed red pepper if it is a pizza joint. Usually spices out on the table are as a wet condiment, like horseradish or relish.
bungston, Nov 29 2016

       [pashute] it was actually just promotion of the idea Testable MWI hypothesis candy bar contest.   

       I thought you might want to participate, thus receiving candy bars.   

       aside from that though, like others here the spice shaker idea puzzles me. I thought perhaps sandalwood origami containers of Himalayan pink salt might work, yet it seems like there are few spices people put directly on their food.
beanangel, Nov 30 2016


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