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Professor Ernesto Slickvom's Horizontal Sapient Projectile Launcher

Large Slip & Slide with passenger launched by bungey
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You are greeted by the kindly, but obviously mentally bent Professor who is wearing a visibly blood stained lab coat. A man is standing behind him holding a strait jacket and a large net, in case things get out of hand. The good Professor first gives you an antique leather flying helmet with goggles and fits you with a body harness. There are bungey cords attached at the hips. You sit at one end of a tremendous slip and slide, which would have to be at least a couple of hundred feet long. It's covered with a film of water. At the midpoint of the slip & slide are stout anchor mounts to which are attached the other ends of the bungey cords. The cords are, of course, pulled very tight. Yes, you are the BB in the wrist rocket. The Professor laughs maniacally, perhaps hoisting a dry ice laden drink to toast your upcoming doom and pulls a large, creaky release lever which lets you go hurtling down the slip & slide. You pass the center point and at the other end, you start stretching the cords, which whip you back and forth several times before running out of steam. A lab assistant retrieves you, releases you from the harness, congratulates you on surviving the experiment and thanks you for your participation. A midget with a Peter Lorre accent accosts you and tries to sell you a fright photo taken one second after launch.
diesixdie, Jan 18 2009

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       How is this better than traditional, vertical bungee-jumping? Surely it would be similar but slower (slippery-slide has a higher coefficient of friction than thin air), with less scenery. I suppose you might compensate by tightening up the bungee during set-up until it hit you with more than 1G of initial acceleration - was that the intention?
pertinax, Jan 18 2009

       Well, I like it. I have no idea what a "slip and slide" is - presumably a smooth surface. Could it be ice? Could this involve oil?   

       A variant to add to the excitement: the surface is subtly contoured in such a way that you not only rise and sink during your travel, but are also deflected slightly from side to side. Large and painful looking obstacles (or perhaps your friends) are stationed at various points, such that you just miss them.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2009

       //How is this better than traditional, vertical bungee-jumping?//   

       In two ways:   

       1 - It is horizontal (no bun there)
2 - It is a sort of Victorian Theatre of the Macabre (definite bunchance there)
wagster, Jan 18 2009

       I like this much better than vertical bunjee jumping because of the slide. If the cords let go, you will slide into a nest of foam. Presumably that is what happens at the end of the ride anyway when you stop oscillating and unclip yourself. Mad professor aside this seems pretty safe.
bungston, Jan 18 2009


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