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Punch Out Containers

easily convertible shipping containers
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Every time there is a large scale disaster, emergency housing is needed. There is nothing new about using shipping containers, but converting them to become suitable for use as housing takes time and trouble.

This idea, if implemented, would see at least a proportion of all shipping containers being modified at manufacturing stage to enable rapid and easy conversion to that suitable for emergency housing deployment.

This would involve easily punched out panels to facilitate window and door installation; basic wiring and plumbing lines installed along the walls; anchor points for internal walls to be put in place etc.

None of this would interfere with the structural integrity of the shipping container during regular shipping activities.

xenzag, Apr 22 2011

very close... http://www.pfnc.net/
[daseva, Apr 22 2011]


       The problem I see with this idea is that, when they are ready to trash the containers, they won't be able to snap into the quality you want, say something on par with a refurbished version (linky).
daseva, Apr 22 2011

       One could do this very simply by drawing lines on the container interior to correspond with the described access points. I worry that preweakening thse points would be deterimental to the use of the thing as a container. The user must score alone the lines with a sharp tool when conversion was desired. After scoring is complete, a stick of dynamite is placed within the container, with the resulting explosion punching out the scored panels and access holes.
bungston, Apr 22 2011

       One could reinforce the preweakened lines with some good ol' pipes! When it's time to live, remove the pipes and kick!
daseva, Apr 22 2011

       "I see you're new place is close to the shipyards?"   

       "No, that's the new low-income housing project."
RayfordSteele, Apr 23 2011


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