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QR chess board

Infinitely variable field of play
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The idea is to add a layer of random variation to the layout of the playing field.

Go to the Project Gutenberg site, select a book at random (or maybe just War and Peace). Players select a passage at random; copy and past into an online QR code generator.

Print QR code at large enough scale to use as a chess board. (Or maybe Go. Or checkers. Or some combination of those: bake it as you wish).

sofacrat, May 24 2015

War and Peace HTML http://www.gutenber...0/2600-h/2600-h.htm
Select passage here [sofacrat, May 24 2015]

QR text generator http://www.qr-code-generator.com/
Paste text, download and print [sofacrat, May 24 2015]

Players https://chart.googl...choe=UTF-8&chld=L|2
All the world's a stage... [4and20, May 27 2015]


       Sorry, please clarify piece setup on this new fangled board.
wjt, May 25 2015

       I tend to think of chesspieces in terms of which colours they land on, so for instance bishops are confined to white or black (red?) squares, knights always land on a different colour and pawns usually alternate unless capturing, and so on. Would part of the plan be to do the same with pieces on a QR code based board?
nineteenthly, May 25 2015

       Oh well, there goes my monopoly on daft things to do with QR codes. Although I'm still the only one with an - ahem - "artistic" drawing in a QR...   

       Latest notion is the [insert name of subject] book which has all the self-test questions in plain text, but all the answers are QR codes to prevent self-peeking at the answers...
not_morrison_rm, May 26 2015

       // all the answers are QR codes to prevent self- peeking at the answers... // Any guess as to how long until it is standard practice to be looking through the world continuously through some augmented reality device that automatically interprets all QR codes? In that case you'll have to go in and change your settings to not automatically interpret QR codes in order to use that book. O wait, probably not. When you look at the cover it will recognize the book and automatically switch to manual QR interpretation while you're looking at that book.
scad mientist, May 26 2015

       // change your settings to not automatically interpret QR codes   

       Not necessary as you can code in a QR code, in the QR code itself. Some say that Russian scientists were doing this in Tunguska and had to come up with a meteor strike to cover up the destruction so wrought,
not_morrison_rm, May 27 2015

       Wow - I so love technology. By following the first link, I managed to download the complete War and Peace in just 6 seconds. I bet it would have taken hours if I'd had to read it instead.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 28 2015

       I thought you just delegated reading to your scrivener, I mean what are you paying him for otherwise?   

       Almost worth changing my name to Warren Piece, and writing a long-winded book about Tolstoy.
not_morrison_rm, May 28 2015


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