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RC Christmas Tree Stand

You sayin' my presents ain't what they s'posed to be?
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We have the practical uses of being able to move the tree exactly into place with little fuss or muss and turn it so the perfect side faces where you want it, but practical uses be damned.

After all, why have an RC car when you can play with the whole damn tree?

This stand comes in two versions, the rechargeable smaller one which moves distances of 60 feet on a charge and the outdoor tank tread gas powered variety. I suppose that version can be a gas generator as well for when you absolutely, positively have to have a lit Christmas tree in some remote region.

sartep, Dec 21 2003


       of course you do, dear!
po, Dec 21 2003

       "Visions of Birnam Woods dancing in their heads..."
DrCurry, Dec 21 2003

       Hope those lights are cordless.   

       I have battery powered christmas tree lights. Or atleast that's what they look like. It could have been an active camouflage because people tend not to look at me when I wear it.
sartep, Dec 21 2003

       I'm picturing races with these tricked-out trees. X-Treme X-Mas Offroad Madness, Sunday, SUNDAY!
waugsqueke, Dec 21 2003

       //It could have been an active camouflage because people tend not to look at me when I wear it.//   

       I encounter the same phenomenon, but usually when I wear nothing, not even tree lights. Perhaps I have a natural talent for camouflage.
kbecker, Dec 22 2003

       Get a battallion of these and act out a scene from Lord of the Rings...
Jinbish, Dec 22 2003


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