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Radiator Glove Box Drawer

warms gloves and hats before wearing
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Many radiators are simply too hot to leave leather gloves on, in order to warm them in preparation for cold weather wear. Other fabrics can be equally damaged by prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Radiator Glove Box Drawer solves this problem.

It's not simply a box that sits on any radiator. It's a built in drawer feature that adds to the radiator's overall style. It has just enough insulation to moderate the internal temperature, ensuring that whatever garment is stored within comes out perfectly warmed, and ready for happy wearing on the coldest of days.

Inevitable delux version features detachable "always ready and filled" hot water bottle.

xenzag, Jan 27 2013


       A microwave works great on leather gloves, also.
cudgel, Jan 28 2013

       I'd give you a bun but fear that you are wearing leather, and then I'd have to give you some sort of guilt trip for that, being that wearing leather is a bit of an issue. The other fabric doesn't really flesh out so well, as my just plain old knit mitts do fine on the heater prior to leaving. So a net gain of nothing. Good idea, if you are into leather, I guess. Mean no ill will of course.
blissmiss, Jan 28 2013

       I have no problem wearing leather....isn't that what cows are for? (actually I am totally opposed to all animal killings, but me not wearing leather isn't going to make a blind bit of difference to that. I just don't eat any meat for a variety of reasons, cruelty being the first, and the fact that it's toxic muck laced with chemicals being the second.
xenzag, Jan 28 2013

       For a few days the other week a wonderful smell of fresh laundry wafted through the place. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I didn't investigate too closely. Turns out I was baking a hat.
FlyingToaster, Jan 28 2013


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