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Random Selection Button on a Vending Machine

Oh, I can't choose!
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Sometimes I want a Cola, other times a Root Beer, or maybe an Orange soda. I really can't decide.

What with the technology today, soda machines haven't changed much. A simple cheap microchip in which you hit the "Random" button, and hit tabs deselecting unwanted sodas. Then it chooses a soda randomly from the remaining list.

For days in which you are too lazy or really don't care.

DesertFox, Feb 14 2006


       So lazy that you'd prefer to go through the rigorous deselecting task when you could simply press the button closest to your finger? Having said that I quite like the idea.
fridge duck, Feb 14 2006

       I love it. What I usually do is press as many buttons as I can at the same time, usually ending up just knocking my body into them all.
notmarkflynn, Feb 14 2006

       Machine vendor owners would love this! Program the 'random select' button to give out your highest margin product, or your shortest expiry date product. [DF] you'll soon wonder why your random purchase is always the 'No Brand Indonesian Cola' or the stale 'Puffed Rice 'N Carob' bar......
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 14 2006

       A friend once related a story of a camp he went to that had a vending machine with a "random" button. It was stocked with pretty much anything that wouldn't jam the machine--canned soup, small bottles of shampoo, etc.
5th Earth, Feb 14 2006

       I worked at a place that had a "potluck" button on the soda machine. Apparently there were more slots than brands, and the guy that filled it kept leftover cans in the extra slot, or something like that.   

       //'No Brand Indonesian Cola'// My favorite brand of Indonesian soda was called Pocari Sweat.
baconbrain, Feb 14 2006

       I quite like Pocari Sweat, too, but in the interest of not raising false expectations, it's Japanese, not Indonesian, and it's not really a soda - not fizzy. (Think Lemon-Lime Gatorade.)   

       Weirdest thing I've heard about being vended like that: bait. But that's another can of worms.
jutta, Feb 14 2006

       I'm a big fan of randomness - have made lots of work about it so have a +   

       Have thought of fitting fake random buttons to just about everything - train ticket selection, library books, girl friends. The decisions of life controlled by chaos equations, like the random movements of flies in a room full of sugar coated option buttons.   

       Pocari Sweat - is that anything like Elvis's Sweat?
xenzag, Feb 14 2006

       A pun from [jutta]? I'm tempted to get my camera out.   

       A place I stayed in a while ago had a 'surprise me' button. It lost its air of mystery after the second or third diet coke came out. [+] to the idea. Mostly for the irrationality [fridge duck] pointed out, as I can see a lot of people going through the whole process purely to avoid having to make the choice themselves.
hidden truths, Feb 14 2006

       The random button should spin tumblers like a one arm bandit. C'mon, c'mon. Daddy needs a new pair of chews.   

       Great idea. You could just turn around and operate the keypad with your posterior though. This alternative method also has the advantage of making you look cool.
DocBrown, Feb 20 2006

       //My favorite brand of Indonesian soda was called Pocari Sweat.//
Yes, I came across that in Japan, and spent the rest of the visit wondering what kind of animal a 'Pocari' was, and why anyone should want to drink it's sweat.
Ling, Feb 20 2006

       I googled "pocari" and I found a mention somewhere that it was the name of it's creator, "Mr. Pocari". I don't know if it's true.
DesertFox, Feb 20 2006

       Reminds me of a casino skit: Guy pulls slot machine lever: Lemon-Lemon-Lemon... So out rolls a lemon.
mailtosalonga, Feb 21 2006


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