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Recall Diluter

Get a few people to change their name.... read on...
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The only thing you need to be on the California Governer's recall ballot is for 70 friends to sign as support, and to pony up $3500. Really a trivial barrier. OK. Those are the rules of the game. Here's one way to game it:

Say that your goal is to NOT have Arnold Schwarzenegger get elected. Get yourself and 10 other people to legally change your names to stuff like Arnold Schwartzenegger, Arnold Schwarzeneger, Arnold Swarzenegger, etc...

When they list the ballots, the names are "random alphabetical" (random starting letter, but strictly alphabetical within a letter), so ALL of you will be listed right next to the "REAL" Arnold Schwarzenegger, and so you are VERY likely to take votes away from him.

sophocles, Aug 12 2003


       Just change your name to Check Here For Lower Taxes and you're golden...
DeathNinja, Aug 12 2003

       Too late. The deadline for candidate application has passed. Besides I'm sure there would be a legal challenge.
waugsqueke, Aug 12 2003

       Or change your name to None Of The Above
Brummo, Aug 13 2003


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