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Relativistic Progress Bar

Approaching warp speed, Captain!
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We've all seen those not-always-sensible progress bars when copying/downloading large files: 6 minutes remaining... 5 minutes remaining... 4 minutes remaining... 6 minutes remaining... 13 minutes remaining -- What's going on!

Despite the illogic, I like to think of this as reality, and proof that time does not just flow in one direction. What I'm missing, to fully open up my mind, is a "% of light-speed" indicator on the progress bar, as well as some well-drawn space scenes with a spaceship approaching a black hole or other galactic phenomenon which would explain this breach in the temporal continuum. And then finally escaping from it, as the download/copy successfully reaches its conclusion.

The "Cancel" button would assuage your annoyance by treating you to a beautiful explosion as the ship gets sucked into the cosmic chasm.

Thank you.

phundug, Jun 26 2006


       + I like this and can't understand why someone would fishbone it. It's creative and NON-boring, like some other computer stuff.
xandram, Jun 26 2006

       + This would make a killer Firefox extension...
kevinlipe, Jun 26 2006


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