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Rescue Balloon

Bright Helium Balloon to float above the trees allowing rescuers to easily find lost people
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A package will be about the size of an average flash light and will include: small helium container folded baloon and string. Balloon should be ether metallic or bright coloured. This thing can be bundeled with touring equipment such as boats rock climbing stuff tents ets. The advantages are: It will last for a long time, it is noticable from a lot of different locations (especially from the plane), it's not dangeroes if your kids will find it, and finally you can screw around with it if you decided never go hiking but already bought it :))))
turist, Jul 22 2002

Here's one http://www.divernet...safety/helic797.htm
See Inflatable Rescue Signal [Helium, Jul 22 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       Yeah, I was thinking that, except that baboons are vicious little things.
DrCurry, Jul 22 2002

       mmm, sorry I'm not american so my spelling suffers :)
turist, Jul 22 2002

       Rather lacking in the danger department.. Where's the heat-seeking emergency flare pistol I ordered?   

       Croissant for *yet another* camping product I will be forced to purchase.
Mr Burns, Jul 22 2002


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