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Reversible lightning

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Drawing on the difficulties in sharing one 230V supply, on one side of the planet, with two 110V folk, on the other side, I thought about reversible lightning

Simply run a wire from the mains up to a handy cloud and charge it up. At the other end the receiver has a similar balloon and they download the leccy.

Would also work or fstoring off-peak electricity, if you can find a very static (no pun intended) cloud.

Anyone can have a go at charging up the clouds, even 5 minutes on a bicycle connected to a generator could save a life in some energy-poor country's hospital (prevailing winds permitted).

not_morrison_rm, Sep 30 2014


       Say what! How no god's green earth are you going to get a cloud to hold a usefull charge?
dev45, Oct 01 2014

       So [WBNI]fty then. Unless Tesla here wants to reveal their methods.
WcW, Oct 01 2014

       //Unless Tesla here wants to reveal their methods.   

       Well, given the previous prior art issue, I can say very little apart from, and you could have gleaned this from shipping reports, that NMRM Co recently imported a large number of cats from the high Andes, and a job lot of glass rods from Guandong province....   

       NB off the net for 24 hours due to travelling, so you can libel me as much as you like, so long as you delete those comments in the next 23 hours, I'll never know...
not_morrison_rm, Oct 01 2014


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