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Revolving Door Rotary

sectioned traffic circle
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“OK listen, for efficiency, safety and fairness, install a giant revolving door on one lane roundabouts.”
”Well, that’s awfully dumb. Why?”
”No criticism, we’re just brainstorming. Now, anchored on the circle’s island, the doors could regulate speed and availability.”
”Right, like intense traffic could be denied entrance to every other section to allow the next road to enter.”
”Yeah, with booms, and then the doors would also have to be telescopic to accommodate long trucks and buses.”
”And to save energy, the doors would rotate in the direction of that hemisphere’s Coriolis Effect.”
”So, northern cars would have to take a clockwise roundabout route.”
”Hmm, left-hand traffic there and drive on the right south of the equator? Man, this idea really sucks!”
FarmerJohn, Dec 28 2003


       [FarmerJohn] - you didn't really expect this to work, did you?
KLRico, Dec 28 2003

       Certainly not my left brain.
FarmerJohn, Dec 28 2003

       can we have a right brain drawing then?
po, Dec 28 2003

       Not if I have to use my left hand.
FarmerJohn, Dec 28 2003

       Yes, I can st... I can still wri... Write the left side... The left side of sent... See what I mea...
FarmerJohn, Dec 29 2003


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