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Ambient sound activated feature....
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cell phones should have a feature where by if the phone is on ring and there is a lot of ambient noise outside then it automatically switches to the ring+vibrate mode. My Mac does this with ambient light for the keyboard. Of course the feature could always be switched off.
nomadic_wonderer, Aug 07 2007

The competition Ringtone_20Earring
[normzone, Aug 07 2007]

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       Thanks, [nomadic_wonderer]. I have an idea in the same neighborhood I've been trying to get around to posting, and this shows me the correct category.
normzone, Aug 07 2007

       My old cell phone had a vibrate mode at the highest sound level. But I think the idea is really for automatically setting the ring volume.
DrCurry, Aug 08 2007

       I've thought about posting something similar in the past, with altered volumes for different environments. Particularly useful for office + factory jobs, where an appropriate ring volume is difficult nay impossible to settle upon.
Texticle, Aug 08 2007


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