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Ringing keys

motion sensor activated ringing keys...
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Finding tha car key can be a very painful experience. add to that a 6 pocket trouser or a 10 pocket overcoat and we are talking about serious agony! now why is it that i need to check every single pocked of my pants to find my keys (and since murphy hates me i will always find it in the last pocket). well here might be a possible solution. car keys with a motion sensor. when the pant, over coat is shaken around the key starts making a gentle beeping sound. and then you go and remove the bugger.
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 24 2003

(?) RFID key http://www.hvwtech....w.asp?ProductID=184
If the kit is $65 the car industry would probaly pay pennies and save the money for a lock. [kbecker, Oct 04 2004]


       //Finding tha car key can be a very painful experience//   

       Huh? Are you keeping your keys in a bed of poisonous snakes again? I can imagine motion-activated chirping keys REALLY grating on your nerves while you're driving. Try keeping a kaychain, or charm on your keys to give them a little girth. Simply pat-down your pockets for the keys.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 24 2003

       i picture people sparatically dancing up and down to make this work. i give it a + for the fact that it would be quite intertaining to see people dancing around to find their keys.
babyhawk, Dec 24 2003

       <rant> I don't understand why they still use mechanical keys at all. I use an RFID card to get into my office and another to get to my mailbox. I can keep them in my pocket and just hold my rear close to the reader. RFID is reasonably new and the protocol is fairly standardized. My car and the mailbox should have readers that can be programmed my personal tag. That way I only use a single key all the time. That makes it unlikely to misplace it. The system would probably be dirt cheap too (link). </rant>
kbecker, Dec 24 2003


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