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Ringtone Earring

Available in both pierced and clip-on
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Lately I've seen a lot of people sporting the new ear-remotes for their sound-and-data devices.

This first generation of that technology is over-large and unattractive, but people insist on wearing it for various reasons.

But that's got nothing to do with this idea.

The Ringtone Earring simply delivers a very quiet ringtone to the vicinity of the ear. This saves the rest of the people in the area from listening to the overly loud tone.

normzone, Aug 07 2007

The impetus Ring_2bVibrate
though not the inspiration [normzone, Aug 07 2007]

I new I'd seen this before http://www.bluetomo...nt/section/304/425/
Fully-in-ear headset [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 16 2007]

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       [+], but I don't think it would catch on. How many people would buy a device purely for the convenience of others?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 07 2007

       Call me old-fashioned. I end my conversation and put my cellphone away before entering a restaurant.   

       As to how many people, probably not many, unless the current trend were reversed and making efforts not to disturb those around you needlessly became fashionable.
normzone, Aug 08 2007

       100% possible, and so many people would buy it. Bluetooth technology works on actual IC's at the chip level. All that needs to be done is a custom chip that could be mounted to the earing, with a small battery. Some kind of pizeoelectric (rod?) speaker.   

       They already have external ring devices about the size of a small pager. There is a market for ring alert devices, and they will get smaller. I see this actually being built by some company if it hasn't already.
evilpenguin, Aug 08 2007

       + very polite idea.
xandram, Aug 08 2007

       + for a good idea. I'd like to also make the pin expand painfully if your voice becomes unnaturally loud whist the mobile is currently in a call.
vincevincevince, Aug 08 2007

       Within clip-on diamante skull-and-bones earring please.
wagster, Aug 08 2007

       Nice one [normzone]. [+]   

       I'm with you on the ending conversations on mobiles before entering restaurants and bars etc. Same with text messages. How rude is it to be in mid-conversation only to whip out your phone and start replying to someone's text? I do get in trouble with women however, as I usually forget they asked me something and then they get in a strop when I don't reply. (not sexist, just never encountered men getting upset when I haven't called them back)
theleopard, Aug 08 2007


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